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The video content of some sections of the site is carried out automatically. In this case, the site administration does not exercise control over the added content.

The site administration also does not carry out activities related to the publication of unlicensed content, illegally stolen and protected by copyright holders. The automated system publishes only publicly available video materials from open sources.

Our resource is always open for cooperation with copyright holders. If your exclusive rights to copyrighted objects are violated in any way using this resource (posting information protected by copyright), the administration is ready to assist you and remove the relevant materials from the site.

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„Fair use“ is governed by the following articles of the Law of the Russian Federation „On Copyright and Related Rights“:
Article 19. Use of a work without the consent of the author and without payment of royalties
Article 20. Use of works by reproduction
Article 21. Free use of works permanently located in places open for free access
Article 22. Free public performance

And in particular, „Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Article 1274. Free use of a work for informational, scientific, educational or cultural purposes“:

It is allowed without the consent of the author or other rightholder and without payment of remuneration, but with the obligatory indication of the name of the author whose work is used and the source of borrowing:
1) citation in the original and in translation for scientific, polemical, critical, informational, educational purposes, in order to reveal the creative intention of the author of lawfully published works in the amount justified by the purpose of citation, including the reproduction of excerpts from newspaper and magazine articles in the form of press reviews;

Information for copyright holders

Our information resource is publicly available for all registered users and operates in compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The site provides users with a number of services, including the ability to post various information on the Site, in accordance with the User Agreement. The site administration proceeds from the fact that by publishing this or that content on the Site, the user acts lawfully, without violating anyone’s rights and legitimate interests. The Site Administration does not pre-moderate the information published by users, which corresponds to the generally accepted world practice of posting information on the Internet.

The functionality of the site also supports the functionality of viewing photo content and video content of other Internet sites on the Site (in the form of EMBEDs). Due to the fact that such video content is posted on third-party and unrelated resources, it is not able to take any action in relation to such content and is not responsible for it. However, the administration respects the intellectual property of others and immediately responds to legitimate complaints about violations of copyright and other rights and removes unlawfully posted content.

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a) We reserve the right to publish on the site any information sent to us by mail
b) According to the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, a link to any data (information message), in itself, is not an object of copyright (although it may violate the „agreement on the use of the site“). Thus, you should not send letters containing threats or demands, as they have no real grounds.

Any photo, video, text and / or other materials posted on this site are not the property of the site owners, and the copyright belongs to their legitimate authors, unless otherwise specified.